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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic,Justine Kamelamela pitched to the Keaukaha - Panaʻewa Farmers Association Board of Directors her forward thinking response to the escalating impact of the COVID to our community.  Emergency agencies were looking to communities to become resilience hubs to coordinate much needed outreach.  Kamelamela wants to assemble a resiliency hub for our Panaʻewa community.  As Market Manager, Justine Kamelamela, took lead in engaging with agencies and partners providing assistance primarily to our kūpuna and as well, to families struggling to "get food on the table".    

With her connections within our community, Kamelamela first performed a triage of outreach to kūpuna (elders) to perform a health & wellness check and to verify that family support was in place.  As agencies and partners began providing assistance, she assembled volunteers to organize meal and PPE distribution to our kūpuna:

  • distributed meals, PPE and fundamental provision from the Panaʻewa Community Resiliency Hub

  • coordinated home deliveries of prepared meals, canned goods, produce, PPE, and provisions

Donations were received for keiki (children) and distributed from the newly established Panaʻewa Community Resiliency Hub

During distribution of these keiki kits, further assessment was done to identify if families needed food assistance.  Information of assistance programs were provided as reference sheets with meals and distributions.  As schools moved to at-home curriculum, computers and internet services were provided at the Panaʻewa Community Resiliency Hub.

  • Keiki Care Pack  - PPE and school provisions for keiki 

       Sponsored by

  • Hoʻolei Native Hawaiian Summer Literacy Project - Books for Keiki

      Sponsored by University of Hawaiʻi Hilo Nā Pua Noʻeau​​

  • Internet Hub - Providing Computer & Internet Services in with safety measures in place

      Sponsored by Vibrant Hawaiʻi

County-wide Resilience Hub Food Distributors provided pantry food items and produce.  Panaʻewa farmers provided produce from their farms.

  • pantry items made available from the Panaʻewa Community Resiliency Hub or arrangements for home delivery

  • home deliveries of prepared meals  (and wellness checks) for kūpuna



Mahalo to our generous

Partners & Sponsors

Aloha for Our Kūpuna

Vibrant Hawaiʻi

County of Hawaiʻi District

University of Hawaiʻi Nā Pua Noʻeau

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